Permaculture Outside the Garden: Creating A New, Permanent Culture For All

Saturday, August 10th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Cost: $11. Preregistration Required – only 20 spaces available. Register at the store or online.

Many people have now heard or are beginning to hear about Permaculture and the lines between ‘what it is and is not’ are becoming more clear. Gardeners and farmers have been the most experimental with Permaculture and produced the most available models for all of us to use. At this point, you have probably seen Gaia’s Garden, The Permaculture Designer’s Manual, or another book on Permaculture land use. 

This workshop is not about gardening! Come to “Permaculture Outside the Garden” and learn about the amazing design work that is going on with schools, governments, and financial institutions using Permaculture design ethics and principles. This is a crash course in community change and also a forum on how we can come together to build community and the life that we all envision and dream about, in the places we live. No need to have attended prior Permaculture series workshops to attend. All are Welcome!

Bryan Krueger is the owner of Heart of Green Ecological Services (–offering Permaculture-based landscape design, install, and maintenance, as well as a host of other yard and garden services. He is also the President of the Board of Directors at Pine Meadow Farm Center, a non-profit, educational farm near Cheney, WA. Please visit or speak to Bryan about volunteering or making a much-needed donation. He has a Master’s degree in teaching and has been working with sustainable landscaping, gardening, and small-scale farming methods for over 10 years. Bryan is excited to share his knowledge and experience in the interest of strengthening local community in Spokane and the Greater Northwest!

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